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At Eastern Savings Bank, we know that our associates are the source of our success! In turn, we are commited to creating a "win-win" situation by offering the best benefits and "perks" available. Of course, we believe the greatest benefit of all is that Eastern Savings Bank is a fabulous place to work! Check out what we have to offer....

    Benefits   Group Health Benefits      
      Other Benefits      
      Discretionary Time Off Benefits      
      Career Development/Training/Unlimited Opportunities      
      Other Perks      
  Group Health Benefits      
  True success comes from within, and a healthy mind and body are essential to one's efficiency and general well being. That's why Eastern Savings Bank provides a generous benefit package as well as a variety of voluntary benefits.      

Eastern Savings Bank offers a plan through United Health Care. Coverage in the network is paid at 80%. Out of network coverage is paid at 60%.

We also offer a 4-tier formulary prescription drug plan. Associates who also take advantage of the mail order option can obtain maintenance medication at a special discount.

    Flexible Spending Account (FSA)      
    Eastern Savings Bank offers medical care and dependent care (child or elderly care) Flexible Spending Accounts. The FSA plan is a tax-advantaged way to pay for certain medical and/or dependent care expenses.      
    Bank Paid Life Insurance      
    All regular full-time associates are eligible for Bank-paid life insurance benefits at an amount equal to their salary. Insurance coverage is limited to a maximum of $50,000.      
    Voluntary Benefits      
    In addition to our medical benefits, Eastern Savings Bank offers a great selection of voluntary benefits. Associates may choose to participate in our dental, vision, supplemental life insurance, and legal benefits plans.      
  Other Benefits      
  In addition other benefits that Eastern Savings Bank provides, those listed below can truly make a difference in the lives of our associates!      
    Eastern Savings Bank is pleased to offer a pretax 401(k) savings plan to all regular full or part-time associates who meet the eligibility requirements. Associates may contribute any percentage of their total compensation to the plan up to the annual deferral amount limit as set forth by federal regulations.      
    Tuition Reimbursement      
    In recognition of the long-range contribution that additional job related education can make to the Bank, and as a means of assisting associates develop their skills and improve their performance, the Bank has established a tuition assistance program. The amount of reimbursement is based on the grade received.      
  Discretionary Time Off Benefits      
  Rejuvenation of body and mind is a key to productivity. We offer our associates generous leave options, including vacation, sick, and personal time.      
    Eastern Savings Bank recognizes the importance of vacation time as providing an opportunity for rest, relaxation, and recreation. Full-time associates with less than five years of service may earn 80 hours of vacation. Full-time associates with five or more years of employment earn 120 hours of vacation. Part-time associates are eligible for vacation leave after one year of employment. Vacation hours accrue proportionate to the number of regular hours actually worked.      

Full-time associates accrue up to five sick days per year (or 1.54 hours per biweekly pay based on an 80-hour pay period). Accrual begins on the first day of employment; however, associates are not permitted to use accrued sick leave until they have completed 90 days of employment beginning on the hire date.

Part-time associates are eligible for sick leave after one year of employment. Sick hours accrue proportionate to the number of hours worked at the rate of 1.54 hours per biweekly pay. Accrual begins on the associate's first anniversary date.

    The Bank provides paid time off for personal reasons, such as scheduling medical and/or other appointments, observing religious/ethnic holidays, arriving to work late or not at all due to inclement weather, or for other personal business.      

Eastern Savings Bank takes pride in promoting the importance of living a healthy lifestyle! We offer a flu vaccination clinic, an Employee Assistance Program (6 free sessions), a "wellness room" at our corporate headquarters and a host of other health related perks or programs.



  Career Development/Training/Unlimited Opportunity  
  We foster the growth and development of our associates, and we take pride in offering continuing career development and training within each department as well as giving associates the opportunity to attend external seminars and training classes.  


  Other Perks  
  Family atmosphere/team environment
  Employee referral incentive plan  
  Business casual environment  
  "For A Cause" casual days  
  Company sponsored events!  
  Free checking accounts  
  Free online banking  
  Six month interest-free loans for the purchase of a home computer  
  And more!  
  Check out our current opportunities!  


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